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Contains spleen venting , sweary snark directed at the bugsplatter masquerading as our politicians. 

The feckless goobers, pooners, gobshites, grifters and jesus shoppers swaddled in cant and humbuggery as they jostle at the trough should be recognised for their unswerving dedication to ruining our planet in service to their own greasy-palmed wealth interests and those of their rapacious corporate masters.  

To offset the bile and in recognition of life’s positives I like to riff on music, motorbikes, travel and the upsides of being a geezer. 


Please note: I am aware I almost always abuse alliteration. And adjectives. Split infinitives their uses have.

Random blowie concept copied from Gadfly, The Saturday Paper . Images on this blog commonly sourced from the interwebs. If unattributed it's because i couldn't identify the original source.

16 Jan 2020

Morrison is prepared to surrender Australia's well-being to the interests of the voracious mining moguls and the disaster capitalists. It is his Brisbane Line.

9 Jan 2020

Scotty from Marketing's covert desertion of an incinerating Australia in favour of a sun lounge and mai tais on a Waikiki beach during the bushfire crisis was an inevitable PR disaster.

7 Jan 2020

Many will see the beginning of the end times for brother Skiddy as being marked by his clandestine abandonment of our burning country to flee to a beach chair on Waikiki.

30 Dec 2019

Taxonomies are useful for understanding the relationships between species and their behaviours so I am somewhat surprised that there has been no scientific classification of the Tory family of organisms.

18 Dec 2019

Could the clamour for an explanation of his cowardly desertion be a sign of the beginning of the end of times for Morrison PM?

12 Dec 2019

The Loogy Awards have been initiated to recognise the political mucus and nose pickers of 2019.

7 Dec 2019

As evidenced by the ever-present smirk, Morrison is a smug believer in his own god-approved infallibility. He gets testy when challenged.

5 Dec 2019

It's hard to imagine, in these days of unfunded empathy, that the Liberal (sic) Party once had a social conscience.

29 Nov 2019

Angus' Armageddon - Black Angus Taylor, well done

26 Nov 2019

As we enter year 7 of the biggest fustercluck in our political history the ongoing, mind-numbing incompetence of this "government" may lead some to overlook the malignant mendacity and grift that is archetypical of our Tory kakocracy.

15 Oct 2019

Dutton won't want to stand idle as we get closer to another election and his prospect of multiple terms in opposition. He'll be getting antsy and Morrison will be getting nervous.

8 Oct 2019

In countless ways the world is getting ever shittier. And one of the reasons that is so is because of the weirdos like Scott Morrison.

29 Sep 2019

Despite his smug self-belief FauxMo is lightweight; a vacuous phony, a fatuous, hollow vessel who seeks validation from prosperity gospelling hucksters.

13 Sep 2019

Who could watch Morrison's shouty, spittled hectoring in Pariament and not be reminded of a revivalist preacher.

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9 Jan 2020

13 Sep 2019

31 Jul 2019

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