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American psycho

The recrudescence of Donald J Trump

Image: source unknown

It was a perfect verdict, a beautiful verdict. Probably the most beautiful verdict the world has ever seen.


A jury has awarded Trump rape victim E. Jean Carroll $US83.3 million in damages all while Perp#1 sweats on the outcome of an in-progress New York civil fraud trial that is seeking the return of $US370 million from dodgy deals he made by cooking the books. The karma bus has big, orange bug spatter all over its windscreen; the eviscerated Gropenfuhrer adding a new word to his vocabulary - consequences.

He's been rejected, reviled, lampooned, impeached, probed and indicted. He stole highly classified documents to trade for profit or leverage. He incited sedition. He exploited the office of POTUS to further enrich himself and his spawn. He faces 91 criminal indictments. Eleven of his associates have been charged with crimes. He endorsed cookers and election deniers as mid-term candidates and he threatens and denigrates anyone who dares challenge him. Mafia Don is unconstrained by any notion of decency or compliance with civil norms.

There's evil and there's vile. Bleach Boy spans both, yet the MAGA cult remains impervious. The cos-play ammosexuals, the beer belly putsch of Gravy Seals, Green Buffets and other camoed, AR15ed people-of-girth, the douche coup seditionists and the IQ defaulting, credulous simpletons and the morally-agnostic detritus continue to genuflect in his general direction.

A proven sexual predator. (Trump once told a lawyer he didn't find her attractive enough to sexually assault.)

"He's our boy."

Putin's bitch.

"A true patriot."

A demonstrably compulsive liar.

"Alternative facts."

A grifter, serial bankrupt, fraudster and thief.

"Gonna send him my last $20."

An overt racist.

"Now we're talkin'."

A covetous vulgarian.

"Classy guy."

A petulant, whiney bitch and grievance-mongering, bloated, shit-fit throwing toddler.

"An American hero."

A wanna-be despot, a bully and a bone-spurred coward.

"I like how he stands up for the little guy."

Donald Trump has been arrested more times than he’s been elected. A malice-driven, junk food epicure. A fatuous, bloviating braggart. A daughter-fondling sleaze, a homicidal exhorter to violence. A pretender - an inheritance squandering, multiple bankrupt. A veteran-denigrating yellow, scabrous dog. An habitual loser with a mange-ravaged merkin glued atop an umber stuccoed pout that brings to mind a dog-groomer's floor sweepings humping a jack-o'-lantern.

He is physically repugnant (some have put forward the proposition that he literally smells of loaded Depends), morally bankrupt, mentally damaged and cognitivley challenged. An odious chum bucket of every human failing, bar, so far, the machine-gunning of orphans' creches - but hey, if there's a buck in it...

He's a paean to smug ignorance and gracelessness -

Geographer. Specialising in SE Asia - "Thighland", "Nipple", "Button".

The Balkans and the Baltic are the same to Donny Dorito. (Author's note: his latest wife is Slovenian.)

Historian. Revolutionary War airstrips, WWII ending in 1917.

Physicist. “All I know about magnets is this, give me a glass of water, let me drop it on the magnets, that’s the end of the magnets.”

Meteorologist. "Nuke the hurricanes."

Epidemiologist. Drink that bleach, stick that lava lamp up your ass.

Diplomat. Publicly fellating Putin, Kim Jong Un, MBS, Xi - actual murderous despots.

And so on. And on. Ad nauseam.

A self-proclaimed billionaire bilking donations from hardscrabble rubes and swampies -

Trump provokes their grievances, victimhood and anger as his business model. John Steinbeck once said that socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Trump cultivates that notion, blaming "radical leftists", Democrats, the woke, antifa, BLM and immigrants as the cause of the MAGA's disaffection from the American Dream© that is their due.

Monetising a white, American Jesus is a doddle for a crude, faithless phony who could not believe his luck when credulous hordes of evangelising creationists jumped into his canoe. He didn't even need to bait his hook. Low-information chuckle-fuck MAGAs with attention spans that would embarrass a goldfish cheer an angry old man's vindictiveness, they revel in his outrages and his fuck you politics all while voting against their own best interests in favour of a man who would steal their last dime without a second thought.

Trump may be the GOP's nominated presidential candidate for 2024 yet despite the angst of the psephologists and opinionista, the cheerleading of the Fox sewage farm and Putin's inevitable interference the tangerine tyrantosaurus will never again inhabit the White House. Either he will go to jail, the hamburger grease that functions as plasma in his veins will kill him or the meth party being held by the family of raccoons that live in his head will assume full control.

Trump thinks a second term will save him, a prophylactic against pending criminal charges, but sadly for him he's a serial loser -

"In 2018, Republicans lost the House. In 2020, they lost the Senate and the White House too. And last week, many of Trump’s handpicked candidates lost the midterm elections and delivered a great deal of humiliation to their party, which, instead of a predicted “red wave”, had to settle for a ripple. The party failed to retake the Senate, and might even end up with fewer numbers than in the outgoing chamber..."

House arrest with an ankle-bracelet, a Norma Desmond-like existence at his tacky Palm Beach motel, Tawdry-Sur-La-Mer, is perhaps the best he can hope for provided it's not sold off to recover some of his defamation and fraud outstandings and to pay his discount shopping mall lawyers.

Maybe his future is to gibber incoherently to guests as he shuffles between tables or to whine self-pityingly about how unfair it all is, shadowed by his security goons with defibrillator and poop bags at the ready. The botoxed patsies and shit-grinning marks with their MAGA tat will pose for Instagram selfies so that their future progeny may wonder at what gormless morons their forebears were to be suckered by a sleazy, criminal dirtbag with creeping dementia.

As the walls close in he will get increasingly desperate, calls for violence and retribution will be more open and he will frame the inevitable election result as stolen. He's a loser - a loser's loser. The question remains - will a palatable, mutant strain of Trumpist authoritarianism rise to take his place?


*Junk food epicure. The family of raccoons that live inside his head: Hat tip to @itsJeffTiedrich.

"The now-unsealed indictment in the case of United States of America v. Donald J. Trump and Waltine Nauta has it all, seemingly every Trump flaw condensed into 49 pages and 38 counts of squalid detail. It is a devastating legal document, but it is also a damning character study of a man whose faults are all too familiar yet retain the power to shock and appall." The WashingtonPost.

Donald Trump is facing five years in prison and a felony because of a law HE SIGNED in attempt to punish Hillary Clinton in 2018. The law HE SIGNED upgrades the crime of wrongly moving classified material from a misdemeanor to a felony. Trump signed the bill after spending the 2016 presidential campaign accusing Hillary Clinton of improperly handling classified information.

"He is under a dozen investigations for crimes ranging from espionage to seditious conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and is going to prison.

He committed treason, sedition, and incited a deadly insurrection.

He lost in 2016 by 3 million votes. Lost the GOP the House in 2018, lost them the Presidency (by 9 million votes) and the senate in 2020 and lost them the senate (again) and prevented their red wave in 2022.

He’s a 76 year old malignantly narcissistic morbidly obese drug addicted dementia-ridden abomination who doesn’t believe in exercise.

Accomplishments of his administration, nepotism Barbie. Just crimes, disgraces, embarrassments, impeachable offenses, abuses of power, abrogations of oath, and violations of the U.S. constitution."


Jan 29

Low-information chuckle-fuck MAGAs with attention spans that would embarrass a goldfish cheer an angry old man's vindictiveness, they revel in his outrages and his fuck you politics all while voting against their own best interests in favour of a man who would steal their last dime without a second thought.”

Makes me think of a Ricky Gervais quote

When you are dead you do not know you are dead. It’s only painful to others. The same applies when you are stupid.


Karin Stokes
Karin Stokes
Jan 29

Two stupendous offerings in one week. Grumpy, I tips me lid to you. 😍

Jan 29
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Jan 29

OMG. You have a splendiferous way with words Grumpy. I wish I had a fraction of your wit, your turn of phrase and your ability to paint a picture with words. I surrender to your impressiveness!

Jan 29
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