Contains spleen venting , sweary snark directed at the bugsplatter masquerading as our politicians. 

The feckless goobers, pooners, gobshites, grifters and jesus shoppers swaddled in cant and humbuggery as they jostle at the trough should be recognised for their unswerving dedication to ruining our planet in service to their own greasy-palmed wealth interests and those of their rapacious corporate masters.  

To offset the bile and in recognition of life’s positives I like to riff on music, motorbikes, travel and the upsides of being a geezer. 


Please note: I am aware I almost always abuse alliteration. And adjectives. Split infinitives their uses have.

Random blowie concept copied from Gadfly, The Saturday Paper . Images on this blog commonly sourced from the interwebs. If unattributed it's because i couldn't identify the original source.



Tories - a taxonomy

Taxonomies are useful for understanding the relationships between species and their behaviours so I am somewhat surprised that there has bee

Shouty goes quiet

Could the clamour for an explanation of his cowardly desertion be a sign of the beginning of the end of times for Morrison PM?

What fate awaits PM Morrison?

As evidenced by the ever-present smirk, Morrison is a smug believer in his own god-approved infallibility. He gets testy when challenged.

Broad church? Narrow minds

It's hard to imagine, in these days of unfunded empathy, that the Liberal (sic) Party once had a social conscience.


You've reached rock bottom


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