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Shouty goes quiet

Image: Pedestrian TV

ScoMo? FFS! Giving yourself a nickname is the pitiable act of a Neville No Friends - it's rather like tying a porkchop around your own neck to get your dog to play with you.

When such self-branding is done by a once professional ad man (albeit twice sacked) it's pathetically child-like. When signing official Prime Ministerial documents as ScoMo it's deserving of ridicule and contempt.

The self-designation as ScoMo is intended to disguise a grifter, a weird cultist, a Machiavellian schemer, an assassin pretending to be a folksy, daggy dad next door.

This is the behaviour of a shonk - a skunk, a phony on the make. It's the fake smile of a used car salesman, it's "Wayne" from Bangalore seeking access to your computer, it's the bogus bonhomie of a nudie bar spruiker. It's cheap lipstick on a slippery pig.


SloMo, StuntMo, ScamMo, ScumMo, SmokO, SmugO, SmirkO, FauxMo, Scooter, The Liar From The Shire, Scotty From Marketing and Skiddy are more compliant with the principles of truth in advertising and hence these alternatives have been enthusiastically embraced by those who are less susceptible to the fake sincerity of a guileful shyster.

Shouty McShoutyface, Scott Morrison V1.0 when Immigration Minister and then Treasurer, revelled in his reputation as a hard man. Demonising asylum seekers, suggesting to cabinet that marginalising Muslims was a useful political ploy,

brandishinging a lump of coal in Parliament, spittle-flecked tirades at dissent from the Opposition - that is the real Scott Morrison.

Morrison has managed to fool some of the people all of the time but his facade is slipping. The trite marketing gimmick of televising his 'praise the lord and pass the EFTPOS machine' session at his Shire Mammonite Collective was a discomforting insight into a committed, exclusionary cultist. The facade began to smoulder and now with the climate biting back perhaps it has caught fire.

The real Morrison has no empathy for any but his fellow subscribers to the Church Of The Holy Dollar and he takes guidance from no-one other than his BFF, mentor and wealth consultant Brother Brian. He's abandoned the country while it burns and he's getting called out for it. When his fellow traveller on the RWNJ Express Alan Jones the London lavs lurker airs a diatribe excoriating his recent behaviour could it be a sign that it's all over red rover for the chosen one?

“We do have a crisis in this country. It’s not a drought crisis, it’s a crisis in government.

“We have a drought of empathy, a drought of understanding, a drought of compassion, a drought of decency, a drought of sensitivity and a drought of care.

“And that drought has overtaken the federal government.”

Alan has warned this will be the undoing of the Morrison government.

The real Morrison cannot tolerate alternative views or opinions, he hates scrutiny and questioning - he truly believes he is his god's annointed one via heavenly miracle

and so is not subject to earthly accountability. I suspect that he also believes that the drought and the fires are his god's will and a possible sign of the pending rapture.

Now Shouty's finally gone quiet, he's nowhere to be seen. Does he think that this is the end of times or is his unexplained disappearance simply another manifestation of his arrogant disregard for decency?

Could the clamour for an explanation of his cowardly desertion be a sign of the beginning of the end of times for Morrison PM? There's a cheerful yuletide throught.


While the east coast is ablaze ScumMo cheerfully poses for a selfie in Hawaii.

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