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Skiddy leaves his mark

It was Tony Abbott's ludicrous, bow-legged saunter that encapsulated the man; some wag once remarked that he looked like a cowboy leaving a rodeo portaloo. His gait was an asinine affectation, the purpose of which no doubt was to reinforce his self image of a macho man, a tough guy in red dick-stickers, but instead the ape-like amble simply highlighted the novelty of his adoption of bipedalism.

A dung flinger, a wrecker and mendacious sabotour, an idiot, a practised liar and humbug Abbott was without a doubt Australia's worst ever Prime Minister. Until now.

Abbott and his trademark I-shat-myself swagger has been superseded by a smirk on a jerk - Scott SkidMark Morrison.

The caps, the thumbs up, the pie-gobbin', the beer kneckin' and the stunts; none capture the real Morrison. It's the supercilious, omni-present smirk that does. Arrogance, smugness, disdain and uninterest all in one self-satisfied facial expression that says "I was elected to rule not to serve". The smirk is who Skiddy is. Even in the most dire of contexts he struggles to control it but there's only one thing that will remove it - his inevitable and welcome demise.

Many will see the beginning of the end times for brother Skiddy as being marked by his clandestine abandonment of our burning country to flee to a beach chair on Waikiki. Others may see it as marked by his New Year's eve partying at Kiribilli House with his dubious pals frolicking in the pool while firies were putting their lives on the line; or maybe it's his subsequent photo op with cricketers who he saw as more deserving of his presence than those who had lost everything in the flames.

For me, the beginning of his end was Nelligen heroic firey Paul Parker's spray. This is the start of the death spiral of a dodgy salesman, the smirk removal shovel to the face of a self-serving grifter.

Paul Parker's seminal moment in history.

The calamitous bushfires have brought out the best in many people and the worst in others. The worst-of-the-worst is Morrison - a gutless grub who hides from crisis in Hawaii and uses his missus as a human shield. He thinks of the fires as a backdrop to the cricket and describes his presence at a firey's funeral as "tremendous". He ran from aggrieved victims who objected to being used for a photo op and the prick's funded empathy extended to a single bag of Woolies' groceries for the thousands of displaced fire evacuees.

This is a brazen coward, a liar, a gobshite and a parasite whose only interest is self-interest. What sort of worm, after being humiliated into responding to the crisis then produces a self-congratulatory TV ad praising himself for all those things he for so long refused to do? The chutzpah is staggering.

Morrison the rapturist may believe that the drought and the fires are signs of the Apocolypse but he needs the status of the office of PM and its fat salary to guarantee his seat in the heavenly chariot and a poolside sun lounge in his members only celestial paradise, so he'll continue to propagandise, politicise and gaslight until summoned by the ethereal choir.

His Tory cronies will sort through the ashes looking for way to make a quick buck. A promised $2billion recovery fund will have the leeches such as Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce drafting their business plans and opening new accounts in the Cayman Islands.

The vandalism of our environment will continue as this regime introduces legislation to crack down on environmental litigation and class actions and cuts "green tape" to let loose the vandals to monetise what's left of our natural environment. It will continue to demonise protest and dissent, and its goons will continue to threaten 13 year old girls with arrest.

This is no time for politeness, there is no reason to respect Morrison or his office. This is a time for anger and outrage. When Skiddy is eventually extracted from office he will have left his mark - a scorched Australia, smoke-stained glaciers in NZ, Chile and Argentina and a legacy as Australia'a worst PM.

Skiddy, you are unprecedented. You are a wretched, despicable cunt.


Never forget, never forgive

Firey photo: Alex Ettinghausen, SMH

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