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The conceit of a serial failure

The messiah complex. Brother Scotty's weird grab for power

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The reflexive criminal behaviour of the grift & congealed bacon grease that is Donald Trump can be understood if you test his every action against his primary motivation - pleonexia, the all consuming greed of a grotesque, amoral fraud. Burying his dead first wife Ivana at his Bedminster golf resort for the tax breaks is penny-pinching avarice that defines this corrupt vulgarian. The upside of that affront is that it may encourage Melania to double the salt and cheese content of his hamburger intake to ensure he's not around to have her future, naked corpse displayed in a glass case at Mar-a-Lago for $50 a peek.

That the ludicrous, tangerine ballbag is entirely driven by the accumulation of ostentatious wealth is clear, whereas it's trickier to pin down what enthuses our very own unchained malody - the artiface trading as ScoMo.

Image: a Twitter clever clogs

I was intending to move on from sledging the dolt after his ignominious banishment to the bleachers but his miasma clings to one's clothing. His behaviour has always been a clear indication he'd be a continuing source of derision as evidenced by his post-election squatting at Kirribilli House when it looked as if the only way he could be removed was to notify the Israeli military that a Palestinian family was living there.

Morrison's a particularly peculiar unit. Possessed of a self-regard that exceeds the bloated ego of a talentless politician favoured by happenstance to always fail upwards he seems to have interpreted his luck as the beneficence of an all powerful deity, a god who has a grand plan - Scotty the Chosen One. Not for Scooter the standard issue narcissism that drives seekers of high office or the 'God's on our side' invocation of self-righteous self-interests. Scooter has a fully-blown messiah complex.

Pastor Supreme, Blessed Leader, Shepherd of the Flock, The Keeper of Truth, Beloved Father of the Nation, His Benevolence, Keeper of all Wisdom. The latest revelations (there will surely be more to come) of his usurping of power by taking his squatting inclinations into the portfolios of five of his own ministers was Morrison's take on Trump's sedition customised for local conditions and in accordance with his fervent belief that he's the next best thing to the second coming. Brother Scotty the missionary creep.

"Only I could really understand the weight of responsibility that was on my shoulders and on no-one else..."

Scott Morrison

"Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it"

Donald Trump

Apart from their shared awfulness and mutual admiration comparing Scooter to Trump is fraught. Whereas Deckstain Donny cynically exploited the profitable gullibility of 'Jesus was a white American' rubes and dullards, Scooter's motivation seems to have been a sincere belief in his own godly specialness. As Minister For All Things could he facilitate an imminent Rapture - the further accumulation of riches by the wealthy righteous while he encourages the incineration of the planet? To me his Pentacostalist-inspired weirdness is a convincing explanation of his aberant mindset.

When you have the warmth of a Cobargo handshake, suffer from the underlying conditions of smarm and a suite of off-putting personality tics, if you're aesthetically unpleasant with the physique of a lasagne thrown from a speeding car and with a head better suited to Jeffrey Dahmer's fridge but yet retain a skerrick of self-awareness, when lying and artiface are second nature it is understandable you could be tempted to disguise your lack of appeal with a barrage of "I'm not pretending to be someone else" dress-ups and role plays. But Morrison's deceit goes deeper.

A give-away was the ever-present, know-all smirk. Morrison has always had an aversion to scrutiny. His modus operandi is secrecy. With God on his side, untroubled by scruples, honesty or shame he thought he'd get away with his despotic power grab pending the end times.

Now with a new government checking the books, with enquiries and royal commissions in the offing, the Morrison carcass is not yet picked clean. I am anticipating further material.

I wonder what Jesus is telling him now.


Why the former prime minister saw fit to amass such immense secret power may never be properly explained. But his former cabinet colleagues, many of whom have been horrified to learn what had been concealed from them, say it speaks of a psychology of control, distrust and even paranoia.

"It’s clear what Morrison and co are doing here. It would be “indefensible” for them not to cooperate with an inquiry into what happened, as Guardian Australia’s Paul Karp noted yesterday. So they are instead doing everything they can to undermine it – to turn what the government is seeking to make a calm, judicial process (Labor even rejected a bid to take this to the more political privileges committee) into a “political circus”, one that is not credible or genuine because it doesn’t fit some expanded parameters they have created. It’s surely only a matter of time before we hear the term “kangaroo court”, a Morrison favourite. All throughout this saga, the Trumpian parallels have been hard to ignore. But there is something especially concerning about a former leader seeking to delegitimise an investigation into his conduct, and a once-legitimate party that is more than happy to enable him."

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Aug 26, 2022

Good read,thanks Grumpy


Lawrence Roberts
Aug 26, 2022

Jesus is telling him “I plan a second coming and so can you”


Aug 26, 2022

…a head better suited for Geoffrey Dharma’s fridge…bahahaha. Classic Grumpy🤣

Aug 26, 2022
Replying to

Ooops, spelled Jeffrey Dharmer wrong. Fixed.

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