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Rule by the Divine Right

The Christian coalifate and crime cartel is running rampant


The NSW Lib's sanctification as Premier of the Brylcreemed Li'l Dabble Dooya, better known as Dominic Perrottet, a man resembling a pelican emerging from an oil spill, has re-animated conjecture about the capture of the conservative parties by religious nutters.

It's yet to be made clear whether Opus Dei Dom has crossed the line from Tarago driving old school Catholic to hard core nutter. He's a pro-Trump, feral friar replicant - a skinny version of Tony Abbott but sans the dementia pugilistica or as yet any obvious urge to smite and destroy and who thankfully forgoes Abbott's comical, bow-legged, rodeo-cowboy-who-shat-his-chaps machismo but he's tipping the scales further to the hard-right of the less-government-more-God American Goppers.

“Some have argued that social security replaces the role of children in old age by socialising the traditional duties of the family.” Dom Perrottet

During his brief stint in the big chair Abbott's wisdom suppository was removed from its receptacle and waved in our faces on a regular basis. Captain Catholic held the missionary position of old school biblical sexism and he wasn't shy with his proselytising on the proper place for women. I strongly suspect Dom with his 6 kids (+1 pending) also sees women as simply life support systems for wombs.

Dom's a professed champion of the protection of the confidentiality of paedophiles, an anti-abortion/anti-voluntary assisted dying/every sperm is sacred but the economy comes first dichotomist whose 'go forth and multiply' convictions are at least not as free-lance as is his co-religionist Barnaby the purple, priapic procreant. The steady infiltration of Dom-alikes in the Tory parties has moved the needle on who qualifies as a nutter vs who's merely a mainstream Jesuser. A rabid Abbott as PM and Barking Barmy Joyce as deputy blurred the distinctions.

The various tribes of nasty, Old Testament sanctimonious hypocrites, whakkadoodle creationists and Mammonites have morphed the Protestant sectarianism of Robert Menzies' Liberal Party into a hybrid tent revival, fascist book burning club and Jesus Wants You To Be Rich symposium.

The Tories are infested by Taliban-lite, by incurious simpletons for whom a deity is a handy excuse for disengaging the brain, bronze-ager God squaddies, the zealots inside of whom is a little Torquemada craving to be let out and the self-righteous worshippers of the filthy lucre - all purporting to represent the wishes of a spectral Santa Claus for grown ups whose interests seem to always align with their own. None are there to serve our interests, they're there to impose their punitive morality and rigid dogma and to top up their property portfolios as a measure of their merit pending the End Times.

Should they dress in goat skins and smear themselves with the ashes of long dead relatives to dance naked around golden images of Donald Trump questions would be asked. They're not that obvious but they are plenty blatant.

Alex Hawke - SchMo's prayer buddy and advocate for a business class Jesus.

Evolution determined that through climate change a branch of hominids would descend from the trees and thereby develop the bipedalism that led to the opposable thumb, a big brain and language. Various versions spread through large parts of the planet but only Homo sapiens made it past the beta test phase to flatter itself that rather than being the accidental result of a long series of unlikely events we are the sole representation in the entirety of the universe of a spectral creator.

The people who deny science to favour angels and demons and talking eagle paintings are running our country and the one at the pointy end believes that a white, bearded ethereal male* has tasked him personally with carrying out a paranormal plan that accommodates the imminent destruction of a 6,000 year old earth and all it contains, with the enrichment of cronies in the interim as a sub-project to confirm their worthiness in the eyes of his god.

*God is a man apparently which raises the question of why an omnipotent deity who created a universe from nothing is equipped with meat and 2 veg.

Scott Morrison is beyond doubt a genuine, fully blown religious nutter. Beelzebub is as real to Morrison as the tooth fairy is to a toddler. Inane superstitions and an ABN-equipped Jesus inform his sheltered world view. He claims to be on a mission from God with whom he has a personal relationship and he flatters himself with the title of 'leader' yet he's inert in all but the facilitation of a culture of consequence-free grift and Armageddonist planetary destruction. A man defined by what he's against and by the limitations of a shrunken mind informed by bronze age mysticism. To quote Albo he "doesn't hold a hose on bushfires; it isn't a race on vaccines; and isn't even in the room on climate change talks". Not a prophet, not a leader, not God's emissary - a deluded incompetent who needs to keep a long list of the things he doesn't know about so that he can deny all accountability and a catalogue of personas to disguise who he really is.

Morrison is a creep, a spiv and a weirdo but I am wondering what sort of deity it is that he has conjured up in his fabulist imaginings that tolerates the crimes of the cabal that he purports to lead. Dom Perrottet is a worry but he's got a long way to go to meet ScoMoses' level of egregiousness.


God in the Lodge. Crikey. A comprehensive analysis of Morrison's fantasyland beliefs and his supporting ecosystem of godliness. A highly recommended read.

For God and Country. Religious Dynamics in Australian. Federal Politics. Dr Marion Maddox. A long but worthy read from 2001.


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