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FauxMo Bio

Angela Merkel's G20 briefing notes on our PM-of-the-moment have fallen off the back of an Argentinian truck and into my hands


Frau Merkel

Profile: Scott John Morrison

Aka FauxMo, SloMo, Smirko, Scummo but favours ScoMo as a rather piss-weak and wholly transparent attempt at image management; a schmo with no mojo.

Temporary Prime Minister of Australia. This may change prior to the conclusion of the G20 and most certainly will by May next year.

Background: RWNJ and happy-clapping, Jesus-shopping prosperity gospeller who was ignominiously sacked in shadowy circumstances from two government tourism gigs.

Persona : Typically exhibits a condescending smirk. A smart-arsed know-all whose failures have not detracted from a delusional self-belief that is oblivious to facts and logic.

Personification of all of the characteristics of the political party he (temporarily) leads:

breathtaking hypocrisy, tin-eared delusion and backstabbing treachery.

A contender, with Tony Abbott and Billy MacMahon for the title of the worst Prime Minister in Australia's history. He is unlikely to topple the seriously creepy Abbott for the crown as he won't hold office long enough and he doesn't lick babies' faces. Or kiss the back of women's heads (but be careful anyway, he's standing right behind you).


Hans und Dieter


with confidential input from Herr Adolf Kipfler, Ersatzkommondant, Gestapotato, Dickson Branch, Queensland

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