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The malignant monsignor from Manly, that simian seminarian Tony Abbott is celebrated by the Liberal (sic) Party as the best ever Leader Of The Opposition. Negativity was his primary virtue - the zero sum mindset of a crusading, belligerent religious dogmatist to whom truth, facts, evidence and ethics were entirely dispensable in pursuit of his personal deity's assigned task of imposing an authoritarian, neo-liberal theocracy onto our secular, progressive instincts. A Torquemada out of his time.

Abbott's creepy weirdness and his shameless lying and hypocrisy became too much for the public, jeopardising the Libs' born-to-rule cause of shoveling public money to corporate carpet-baggers, rent seekers and privileged grifters. But, the rabid Abbott's consequent political assassination re-energised the behaviours that triggered his downfall in the first place as he mendaciously set about vengefully sabotaging his own party. His talent for wrecking and destroying was once more brought to the fore.

Despite continued endorsement from the swivel-eyed loonies Abbott's star has well and truly faded but his legacy stains the Liberal Party. He's painted their walls with his excrement and most of it has set. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Lib's response to the massacre at Wentworth last Saturday.

The blue-as-blue Wentworth, the wealthiest electorate in the country represented by conservatives for 117 years smashed the Libs across the face with a shovel and voted for a progressive-minded lesbian to champion causes that are anathema to the colander-hatted crazies.

The Lib's Abbottesque incompetence was on full show in the lead up to the by-election; each fuck-up was followed by yet another fuck-up. Scare-mongering, bribes, brain farts, thought bubbles and dirty tricks; all as if Abbott was still the "adult in charge".

But it was their response to the result that has set the seal on their imminent demise. Tin-eared, delusional, arrogant. "Business-as-usual" hectored Shouty McShoutyface in a style reminiscent of his mentors from his Church Of Jesus Shopping Hypocrites - you could almost hear the shaking of tambourines and the hissing of snakes as he delivered a prosperity-doctrine sermon loosely disguised as a concession speech. They are doomed.

Abbott established the operating model for this coagulation of grifters, spruikers, god-botherers, pooners and hillbillies that misrepresents itself as a government. His work is complete. But Abbott is going nowhere. Unemployable outside of politics, convinced he is on a mission from god our feculant friar is digging in - schemeing for a Lib loss at the next election and his return to the leadership where he thinks that next time he will be rightfully received as a saviour. But he's not the messiah - he's just a nasty cunt.


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