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There are many signs that human evolution is a work-in-progress, with quite a way still to go. Here are some examples:

Backwards baseball caps

Expiry dates on packaged salt

Pet insurance

Baby On Board signs

My Family stick figures

Toorak Tractors

Geezers on mobility scooters in expensive jogging shoes

Bottled water

Jazz hands


Neck tattoos

Sunglasses indoors

Driving to a gym to use a running machine

Microsoft's "user error" accusations

Designer stubble

Riding side-saddle

Duck-face selfies

Facebooked pictures of lunch

Posting comments on Youtube

Celebrity culture

Spray on cheese

Individually plastic-wrapped vegetables and stickers on fruit

Synchronised swimming


Rosé wine

Vegetable spinners


Fox News (sic)

The Robin Reliant

Donald Trump's hair. Donald Trump

Anal bleaching

Wearing braces on trousers with belt loops

Watching a live performance through a phone screen

Rushing to be first on the plane

Fingerless gloves

Helmets for skydivers

The Bachelor

Aroma therapy


Beards without moustaches


Responding to a question posted on an online forum with "I don't know."

Drum solos


Adults riding scooters

Pineapple on pizzas

Country & Western music

Morris dancing

"Yeah, nah", "Nah, yeah", "Yeah, nah, yeah" etc.

Tribute bands

Hats with ear flaps

Suburban white boy wanna-be "gangstas"

Low fat marshmallows

iPhone-equipped beggars


Wearing Bluetooth ear pieces when not actually using the phone

Mimes, human statues

Mariachi bands

Donating to televangelists

Creationist theme parks

The huge dog turd replica that is The Big Potato, Robertson NSW

Kenny G CDs

Paid ads for products that are "selling out fast", or perhaps more so the suckers who believe it

Doof doof


Designer vaginas

Idiotic baby names (Dhakota, Lewese, J’taime)

Quizz show contestants who pass on questions such as "What is the colour of....?"

Business lounge luggage tags

The personal brand


Elvis impersonators


Starbucks "coffee"


Indian phone scammers named "Wayne"

The salesman I worked with who closed a sale to a drug & alcohol counselling service and then sent them a bottle of wine as a thank you gesture.

These examples and so many, many more readily demonstrate that if we are the product of some omnipotent deity then s/he is just taking the piss.

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