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Smirko flashes his nasty

He lies so often, so casually, so consistently and so reflexively you'd think he'd be better at it.

"One of the most unpleasant men I've ever had to sit in front of." Jacqui Lambi


Immediately following the termination of John Howard's twelve stultifying years as Prime Minister the job had a change of tone; and a higher turn-over rate than a Bangladeshi ferry service - six PMs in eleven years. Even the Italians were impressed. This helps explain why the electorate narrowly opted to further tolerate a marketing spiv and treacherous political assassin for another term - the jerk with a smirk and his cabal of grifters vs yet another change? "Better the devil we know" they said.

The consequences of that misjudgement have become clear to any sentient citizen with an IQ greater than their shoe size and a functioning decency gene. Now there are Tory MPs who can no longer ignore the stench and are distancing themselves and offering up their own assessments of Smirko's true self.

Their man is toxic; outed as a reprehensible, obnoxious, backstabbing fraud and liar, the most repulsive individual to have ever occupied the PM suite. There are any number of events over time that demonstrate his unfitness to serve in the role but there are standouts that expose the true character of the man - lower than the most odious of effluvia to ever ooze from beneath a Port-A-Loo door at a doggers' day out.

A nasty, vindictive bully with a casual indifference to truth, a snake, a floundering incompetent and bloviating gobshite, a misogynist by inclination and an opportunistic racist for whom an individual's worth is based solely on their contribution to his own interests. There are three names that define this void of decency and principles - Brian Houston, Michael Towke and Kimberley Kitching.

Loyalty for Smirko is entirely transactional. Brian Houston, hereafter referred to by Smirko as "Brian Who?" was his close friend and mentor, spiritual guide and role model of godly profit who has turned out to be no more than a confidant-of-convenience, past his use by date the moment his Pastor Creepy vibe became too public. Smirko was of course far more forgiving of sex pest MPs and an alleged rapist whose vociferous denials were accepted without question as doing so served his own purposes. The hint was there for Brother Brian when Smirko dismissed as gossip the truth of his attempted inveigling of an invitation for Bro Brian to attend Trump's White House.

There's abandonment of a friend and then there's the reputational destruction of a party colleague for personal advancement. What moral vacuum approaches his political opponents to solicit dirt on one of his own? Smirko established his political career the same way he practised it - with shameless duplicity.

I would never underestimate Scott Morrison… because I would never underestimate a guy who would turn to one of his political opponents to take out one of his own… a guy who will do that will do anything" says Sam Dastyari who as a Labor Party operative provided Smirko's gangsters with their requested dirt file on Michael Towke who was the clear winner over Smirko 82:8 for Liberal Party candidature for the seat of Cook.

Smirko's not one to let democratic process or decency stand in his way - the character assassination of Towke was triggered with the enthusiastic participation of Murdoch's muck spreaders suggesting Towke's Lebanese heritage was suspicious and somehow offensive to the sensitivities of The Shire. Smirko denies involvement of course but much to his discomfort statutory declarations from party members attest to the veracity of his connivance which also hinted at the future defenestration of another of Smirko's good friends - Malcolm Turnbull.

A man who uses dead children as props was not going to blanch at the opportunity to exploit the untimely death of Labor MP Kimberley Kitching for political point scoring. Smirko needed no hi-viz or hard hat when he whipped out one of his go-to tools of trade - industrial grade hypocrisy.

The bully de la bullies could scarcely hide his delight by implying it was Labor Party bullying that had contributed to Kitching's early demise. Unfortunately for Morrison, and as always, there's his own history to confront and it blew up in his face as such things so often do when his attempted deflection simply consolidated all of the stories of his own appalling stand-over behaviour:

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells: an "autocrat [and] a bully who has no moral compass", "not fit to be prime minister."

Julia Banks: "menacing, controlling wallpaper"

Jacqui Lambi: "one of the most unpleasant men I've ever had to sit in front of."

Gladys Berijiklian: "evil", "a bully”, "a horrible, horrible person."

Christine Holgate: "I became the roadkill of our Prime Minister, who sought a major distraction of the piling criticism in parliament that week", "one of the worst acts of bullying I’ve ever witnessed" and an "utter disgrace".

Pauline Hanson: "he is a bully, because I have experienced it myself...he do it ‘my way, or there’s no way’."

Bridget Archer: "a frank discussion – not just a pastoral care meeting...I would have preferred not to have the meeting at that time while I was feeling emotional."

The bully will be brought low. In trying to save the odious toad and their own grifting arses the Tories have an advertising expenditure (using our money aka theft) that exceeds that of McDonalds and Coles but it will prove to be insufficient.

Morrison's concession speech will, of course, frame the impending result as a failing on the part of the electorate.


Looking for Scott Morrison - Sean Kelly, The Monthly, Nov 2018. "Morrison’s particular talent for avoiding traces might have helped him reach the prime ministership. It might not help him keep it."

The End. Andrew P Street -"Tony Abbott invites anger for his continued climate denial; Malcolm Turnbull inspires regret for what might have been. Morrison’s name will represent something even less dignified: absolutely nothing at all."

Party members say Morrison used Lebanese background against opponent - SMH. “Also during that meeting, Scott Morrison informed me that there was a strong rumour about that ‘Michael Towke is actually a Moslem’ [sic].

Scott Morrison denies falsely claiming 2007 preselection rival Michael Towke was a Muslim. The Guardian. “I am advised that there are several statutory declarations to attest to racial comments made by Morrison at the time that we can’t have a Lebanese person in Cook”.

Michael Towke repeats claims after PM denies raising his Lebanese heritage in 2007 preselection fight The Guardian “Amongst many unedifying tactics used to unseat me from my preselection victory for Morrison, racial vilification was front and centre and he was directly involved”.

Turns Out ScoMo’s Father’s Day Pic Was From A Memorial For Four Kids Killed By A Drunk Driver. Pedestrian TV. "Turns out old mate Scott Morrison used a picture from a memorial event grieving the loss of four children who were killed by a drunk driver to make himself look like father of the year on Father’s Day."


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