The Awfulness of Donald Trump

Trump-thesaurus. Build your word power.

Donald Trump has been called many things - he is after all the biggest and easiest target on the planet. One irony, amongst many, is that such an aggressively offensive bully is so thin-skinned; the US's Idiot In Chief is a cry-baby. Perhaps that's not ironic - all bullies are sooks and cowards after all.

A real irony though is that Vlad's cock holster was mentored by the egregious Roy Cohn whose infamy includes sending Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to the electric chair in 1953 for spying for the Russians. Could it possibly come true that Trump will get charged with treason for collaborting with Russians? Karma indeed. I will keep my shadenfreude on hold for now.

Given Trump has proven to be so unbelievably awful for so many reasons it can be a challenge to decide on just the right word(s) to capture a particular context or nuance of his character or behaviour. So I researched a few words and phrases used to describe Trump from about the place for reference (you're welcome). These are additional to the well-used standards such as practiced liar, sex offender, neurotic narcissist, bigot, cheat and grifter.


Anus tangerinus

Individual 1 / Spetic Tank 1

Citrus Caligula

Herr Gröpenfuhrer,

Individual 1

Agent Orange

Doofus Maximus


Ginger raccoon with all the appeal of scrotum rash and the gravitas of navel lint.

Couch cushion detritus





Turd tabogganist

Greed-obsessed plutocrat

Septurating pustule

Retarded fuckgibbon

Orange-tinted urinal cake

Golden showeree

Servile suckhole and stooge to tyrants and murderers

Vlad's doxy

Vlad's fellating flunky / knob-gobbler

Cat-arsed pouty-mouth

Puerile, monosyllabic addlepate

Defiantly ignorant fuckstick

Sun-lamped orange globule

Mango-tinted raccoon. Seriously, what is it with those white circles around his squinted eyes? Given he'd spend so much time looking at himself what is he seeing?

Dysfuntional narcissist

Blowhard, braggart, blatherskite, swaggering windbag

Graceless boor

Delusional demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger effect

Man-boobed man-baby

Jack-o-lantern in a yellow fright wig


Bloviating huckster

Mueller fodder

Prisoner-in-Chief in waiting

Monosyllabic mango who was outsmarted by an umbrella

Spittoon scrapings

Cretin in a comb-over


Goon, lout, fakir

Ranting raving racketeer

Poisonous poltroon

Ludicrous tangerine ballbag

Panty crust

Gibbering genital wart

Bloated bovine ballsack

Worst case scenario

Blob The Builder

Jackass Whisperer

Chubby Chekov

Humpty Numpty

Forrest Trump


Why should we care way down here in the Antipodes? This loon has the launch codes and a short fuse that's why. And our own right-wing, swivel-eyed crazies think he's a great role model - they admire his lack of morality and empathy and want to replicate his idiocies here.

Should anyone think that Trump deserves respect - he doesn't. The office he holds does even as he demeans it and the country it represents. As an individual Trump has earned nothing but contempt. If there's a negative aspect of human nature that he has not clearly shown then I can't think of it. There's a good chance the man is insane. There's no other excuse for this egregious shoe-scraping.